5 Tips For Finding A Missing Cat

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5 Tips For Finding A Missing Cat

6 June 2016
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Cat lovers can become very bonded to their pets, so discovering that a beloved cat is missing can be very stressful and upsetting. If your cat has gone missing, it is essential to act promptly is you want to increase the likelihood of it being found. Use the following tips to help find your missing cat:

Carefully Search Your home and Yard

Cats are great at hiding, and they tend to like small,cozy places where they feel safe and secure. As soon as you realize that your cat is missing, begin and extensive search of your home, making sure to look in areas like under the beds. If there is no sign of your cat indoors, move your search into your yard, and check in and around bushes as well as trees.

Contact Your Neighbors

After determining that your cat is not on your property, get in touch with your immediate neighbors. The best thing to do is go knock on their door, let them know that your cat is missing, and ask if it would be okay to look in their yard to see if your cat is hiding there. If you don't find your cat, ask your neighbors if they would mind keeping an eye out and let you know if they see your cat.

Place Food and Water Outside

If your cat is roaming the area around your home, placing its favorite food and a bowl of water may be enough to lure it home. You may also want to contact a pet rescue group in your area-- in some cases a pet rescue group can set up a humane cat trap to help capture your missing pet. A cat trap can be very effective if your cat has been sighted, but is too skittish or scared to approach people.

Utilize the Internet

The Internet is an excellent resource when trying to find a lost cat. Place a lost cat listing on local classified sites in the missing pet section, and check the listings if the found pet section on a regular basis. There are also many organizations that use social media to communicate information about lost and found cats. Make a listing on your local page for lost and found pets-- the information will be visible to many people and can help get the word out about your missing cat.

Make Flyers

Flyers can be very useful in letting the people in your neighborhood know that you're looking for a missing cat. Create a flyer on a bright piece of paper that is eye-catching, and make sure you include a clear picture of your cat, information about identifying features, the date your cat went missing, and the cross streets of where your cat was last seen.