Caring For A Chameleon - Is This The Right Pet For You?

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Caring For A Chameleon - Is This The Right Pet For You?

9 June 2016
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If you are interested in undertaking the task of caring for a reptile, you may have consider getting a chameleon. Chameleons can easily change their color, making them very interesting to watch. Some people believe they match their colors to their surroundings, helping to keep them hidden from prey while in the wild. This however is a misconception. They actually change color to communicate or alert others of their mood. Here are a few points to consider before purchasing this unique lizard in an attempt to determine if this is the right type of pet for you.

Be Aware Of Cage Size Necessity For Your Chameleon

When a chameleon is under four months of age, it will fare well in an aquarium between 25-35 gallons in size. After four months of age, however, the aquarium will need to be swapped with a larger one. Be prepared for the switch out the aquariums as your chameleon grows. Your chameleon will continue to grow throughout its entire life, making it necessary to find out the approximate maximum length and weight of the chameleon type you are considering purchasing. There are 171 species of chameleons to select from! 

Prepare For Amount Of Time Needed To Care For Your Pet

Caring for a chameleon is a bit more involved than one usually thinks. Beside feeding the reptile, there will be the need to make sure their cage is cleaned out, the temperature is set to the appropriate level, the humidity is at the right moisture-content, and the lights are kept on and off for certain amounts of time per day. These tasks will all vary depending on the type of chameleon you select.

No matter what species you pick, you will need to do some planning in keeping your pet comfortable. Make sure you have the time to care for your pet before you leave home for any length of time. If you are patient, this lizard will be happy to have you as an owner. If you need a pet without a lot of work in keeping its habitat in line, opt for another type of reptile instead.

Realize The Fragility Of This Unique Reptile

 A chameleon is a fragile reptile that would prefer to be left in their cage if possible. Chameleons often get stressed easily, making them a poor choice for a home that has other pets or young children. A chameleon is not the type of lizard that enjoys being handled. If you are looking for a comrade you can walk around with on your shoulder, or one you wish to pick up a lot, then opt for a bearded dragon or another reptile instead.

The trade-off for not handling your reptile often is the chance to observe a creature that has eyes that move in all directions, sometimes in separate directions from each other. The colors your pet will show off are outstanding as well.

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