Don'T Make These Mistakes When You Attempt To Bathe Your Dog

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Don'T Make These Mistakes When You Attempt To Bathe Your Dog

23 January 2019
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Whether your dog starts to smell a little or has been outside and gotten covered in mud, you might feel compelled to bathe it. There's nothing wrong with trying to bathe your dog in your bathtub, although you may find that doing so is a challenge if the dog is on the larger side — or if it isn't exactly fond of the water. Lots of pet owners make a series of unfortunate mistakes when they attempt to bathe their dogs. If you've made the following mistakes, you'll want to make some changes. Or, you might be better suited taking the pet to a professional groomer, who can bathe and trim the animal as needed.

Run The Water Too Hot

When you run a bath for yourself, you might favor hot water that helps you to relax. You shouldn't take this approach for your dog, though. It's easy to make the bath water too hot for your dog, and this can result in the animal getting anxious. Dogs tend not to like overly warm water, so you're better off choosing a lukewarm temperature that will keep the animal comfortable. If you're nervous about making the temperature correct, you may prefer opting for help from a professional groomer.

Use Human Shampoo

It's customary for some dog owners to reach for a bottle of their own shampoo if they need to wash their dog's coat, but this is often another mistake that people make. Shampoo designed for humans is usually too harsh for animals, and this may lead to some itching or other discomfort for your dog. Additionally, you need to remember that dogs' noses are a lot more sensitive than those of humans. If your shampoo is highly scented, which is often the case, the smell can bother your dog.

Get Frustrated

Bathing your dog isn't an easy task, even if you're done it several times. Because a lot of dogs feel anxious in this moment, they can attempt to get away from you. Some animals may even become slightly aggressive. These challenges can often compel you to act in a frustrated manner, and this will only make the entire situation worse. Your dog may match your frustration with aggression, or may cower and try to get away from you — which may only make you more frustrated. If you find that your frustration comes quickly when you attempt to wash your dog, it's likely time to call a professional dog groomer.