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Hello, my name is Selena. Welcome to my site about pet health. When your pet is feeling under the weather, all you can do is take him or her to the vet for a checkup. The vet uses diagnostic equipment and knowledge to find out the cause of your pet’s distress. Vets can perform treatments or prescribe medication that helps your pet to quickly heal from the illness or injury. There are so many different pet health conditions, so I decided to create this site to go over them all. I invite you to come along on this journey and learn more about pet health conditions. Thanks.


Radiation Treatment For Your Cat’s Hyperthyroidism

26 May 2016
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Your veterinarian has diagnosed a thyroid tumor in your cat. The tumor causes the thyroid to put out more of the hormone which regulates your cat's metabolism. This creates your cat's nervous behaviors and their insatiable appetite. This type of cancer can be cured with radiation therapy. Once the tumor is gone, your cat's metabolism will return to normal. Here is how the radiation treatment works and what you can expect from it. Read More …

Three Health Problems That Could Cause Your Dog’s Heart To Fail

24 May 2016
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True "heart attacks" in dogs is very rare. For one, dogs metabolize fats differently than humans, so plaque build up and blockages in the arteries are not usually a problem. This doesn't mean that your dog can't suffer from a heart blockage or other problems that could cause, fainting or even sudden death. Here are some types of health conditions that could cause your pet's heart to fail. Mitral valve disease: Read More …

Tularemia: What All Responsible Dog Owners Should Know

20 May 2016
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Lyme disease is not the only disease that can be passed on to your dog via a tick bite. Tularemia is another highly fatal condition that your dog can acquire from a tick bite. Carried by Lone Star, American dog, and Rocky Mountain spotted ticks, it is seen across the United States.  As a responsible dog owner, it's important that you're aware of the signs of tularemia and what you should do if you suspect your dog has it. Read More …

Hypoglycemia And Small Dogs: A Deadly Combination

20 May 2016
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Hypoglycemia is a life-threatening condition in which blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels. While hypoglycemia can be caused by a wide number of things, including infection, poor nutrition, stress, and low body temperature, it can occur for little to no reason, especially in small dogs, such as toy breeds, and puppies. A small dog who develops this condition can deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, it's vital that you learn all you can about hypoglycemia so you recognize it immediately and seek help for your pet. Read More …

3 Tips For Getting Your Cat Through A Visit To The Veterinarian

17 April 2016
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As a cat owner, you know that making a regular trip to the local cat hospital or veterinarian's office for a check-up is important to your cat's health. You'll have to forgive your cat though if it doesn't see things this way. Cats are notorious for getting stressed out when suddenly thrust into a situation with other unfamiliar animals. If you want your next trip to the vet to go over smoothly, here are some tips that might help keep your cat's stress levels down. Read More …