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Hello, my name is Selena. Welcome to my site about pet health. When your pet is feeling under the weather, all you can do is take him or her to the vet for a checkup. The vet uses diagnostic equipment and knowledge to find out the cause of your pet’s distress. Vets can perform treatments or prescribe medication that helps your pet to quickly heal from the illness or injury. There are so many different pet health conditions, so I decided to create this site to go over them all. I invite you to come along on this journey and learn more about pet health conditions. Thanks.


Don’T Make These Mistakes When You Attempt To Bathe Your Dog

23 January 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

Whether your dog starts to smell a little or has been outside and gotten covered in mud, you might feel compelled to bathe it. There's nothing wrong with trying to bathe your dog in your bathtub, although you may find that doing so is a challenge if the dog is on the larger side — or if it isn't exactly fond of the water. Lots of pet owners make a series of unfortunate mistakes when they attempt to bathe their dogs. Read More …