Choosing The Right Dog For Your Household

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Choosing The Right Dog For Your Household

5 April 2016
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If you are looking for a good addition for your family, then you may be thinking of getting a puppy to add to your household. A puppy can be a lot of fun, but you do want to make sure that you put thought into the breed of dog you get, so you end up with one that's going to fit in with your lifestyle and grow into a dog that becomes a fluid member of the family. Follow the tips below to figure out how to choose the best breed of dog for your family.

Consider the size of your house

The size of your home can play a large part in determining the type of dog you get. If you have a large home, then you can pretty much go with any sized dog. However, some dogs will need to let off a lot of steam and if you go with those breeds, then you are going to want a fenced-in yard as well. If you live in a small home, then you will either need a large-breed dog that is known for having a lazy personality or go with a smaller breed of dog.

Consider how many people are in your home

If you live alone, then you may want to go with a dog that has a personality known for being a one-person dog. However, if there are others in the household, then it may be best to choose a breed that is going to be able to bond with everyone. This way, everyone can enjoy all the benefits that come with having a dog in the family.

Consider the grooming

When you are considering a certain type of dog, find out about its grooming needs and make sure you are going to be able to keep up with them. Some dogs require daily brushing and others need to be taken to the groomers to be trimmed on a regular basis. Then, there are other dogs that only require brushing on a weekly basis.

Consider a versatile breed

Some breeds are versatile and do a great job of fitting into just about any type of household. An English Golden Retriever is a good example of this type of dog. It's a larger breed dog, but can live in smaller homes as long as it is taken on daily walks. It will bond with the entire family and only requires weekly brushing to keep its coat in good shape. It is good with kids, other animals and intelligent. Contact a company like Red Fern Companions dog breeders for more information.