Great Things About German Shepherds

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Great Things About German Shepherds

22 September 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If you are looking for a dog, then you might want to consider going with one of the AKC registered German Shepherd puppies for sale. There are so many great things about this breed of dog, that it is commonly used as everything from a family pet to a military dog. You can learn more about this fantastic breed in this article.

German Shepherds are loyal

The German Shepherd is a very loyal breed. However, while there are some breeds that are so loyal to one person that it can prove to be problematic to the rest of the household, the German Shepherd can be loyal to the entire family. Also, even though it is loyal to its household, it can still possess friendly traits that allows it to welcome friends and extended family into the home without problems.

German Shepherds are very smart

This breed is known for being extremely intelligent. In fact, its intelligence and problem solving skills are things that make this breed the breed of choice for such jobs as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and military dogs. Also, they make great service dogs due to their intelligence. Not only can they be easily taught specific things that they will need to do as a service dog, but their problem solving skills also come into play because they may often have to determine the needs of the person they work for without being told and this breed is capable of doing this.

German Shepherds have a keen sense of smell

While all dogs in general are known for possessing a great sense of smell, the German Shepherd knows how to use its keen sense of smell to direct handlers to such things as drugs, weapons, guns, and even to criminals, and lost people. The dog's intelligence and sense of smell come together to do these things.

German Shepherds are gentle

It is in a German Shepherd's nature to be a gentle dog, as long as it has been treated kindly and socialized correctly. The gentleness that German Shepherds are known for also makes them great therapy dogs. A therapy dog is one that is brought into places like hospitals and nursing homes in order to bring joy to the patients, and to help the patients to stimulate their senses.

German Shepherds are fun

German Shepherds are known for being active, yet knowing when to settle down. They learn fun tricks fast and they have the energy to play with the kids for hours.