Make Scheduling A Visit To The Vet A Priority After Adopting A Stray Cat

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Make Scheduling A Visit To The Vet A Priority After Adopting A Stray Cat

30 November 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

When you've just adopted a stray cat, either from the shelter or off the street directly, it's important that you take care of addressing a few concerns regarding their health. Instead of being worried about what kind of health your cat is in and just hoping for the best, it's a good idea to make scheduling a visit to the vet a priority when you want them to be in the very best health.

Schedule a Spay or Neuter

The first thing you want to do for a stray cat is checking if they are already spayed or neutered. Not only can this prevent them from getting pregnant or other cats pregnant if they slip outside, but there can also be a noticeable improvement for their overall health and behavior.

Having the spay or neuter done right away is so important since it can help make sure that your cat can start off living in your home in the best way without behavioral issues that could be due to being unaltered.

Have a Microchip Implanted

With a stray cat, there's a chance that your cat could attempt to run away if they were to slip outside. Having them returned to you can be a lot easier when you have a microchip planted rather than just having them wear a collar.

Instead of being disappointed by a collar becoming loose and falling off, it's best to have a microchip implanted so that you can make sure that your cat can be identified if they are brought into a shelter or a vet clinic later.

Check for Any Health Concerns

When adopting a stray cat, there's a chance that the cat could have some health issues that will need to be addressed. From something minor such as fleas that need to be treated to checking for a heart condition, your vet can check for health concerns that you may not have considered before so that your cat is in the very best health.

Scheduling a vet visit should be one of the first things you do after adopting a cat, but it can be tough to know when to get started or what services will be the most helpful. Instead of being let down by the health of your cat, visiting the vet right away can help a lot with making sure that you're able to have all the services that your cat needs taken care of and avoiding a situation where your cat's health could be compromised in some way. When in doubt, talk to local clinics in your area such as the Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.